Please contact us for any questions about sponsorships, exhibiting, becoming a partner, and all the other ways in which you can be part of the Digital Tech Summit event of the year.

Mark Riis

Conference Director
+45 61 39 63 54

Per Bach

Sales, sponsors and exhibitors
+45 28 10 95 04

Meet the Digital Tech Summit team

Mark Riis, Technical University of Denmark
Per Bach, Technical University of Denmark
Anders Pall Skött, University of Copenhagen
Inge Hviid Jensen, University of Copenhagen
Olivier Sevestre, Copenhagen Business School
Tanja Krawack, Copenhagen Business School
Peter Ibsen, IT University of Copenhagen
Søren Poulsen, Aarhus University
Julie Thygesen Rydahl, University of Southern Denmark
Rune Egedal Westergaard, Roskilde University
Jens Erik Pedersen, Aalborg University
Charlotte Holm Billund, IT-Branchen
Kasper Lundtoft Bentsen, Teknologipagten
Trine R. Bjerregaard, Teknologiens Mediehus
Hans Ravnkjær Larsen, Dansk IT
Camilla Lerbech Dworsky, Dansk IT

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