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    At the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University, we strive to be internationally recognised as a leader in computer science - a department with coherent activities within research, education, development and industry cooperation. And we have come far.

    We conduct world-class research in areas ranging from computers and programming to software and computer systems. The department consists of three research groups, all delivering outstanding contributions to their field of research.

    The department offers a broad range of educational programmes within computer science at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as continued professional development. The research approach encompasses the formally logical, the experimentally constructive, and the empirically descriptive.


    Database and Web Technologies (DW)
    Database and Web Technologies (DW) emphasizes querying, data mining, and machine learning in two broad areas: data-intensive systems, including spatio-temporal and multidimensional data management and analytics; and web science and knowledge engineering, including graph data management, knowledge graphs, recommender systems.

    Distributed, Embedded and Intelligent Systems (DEIS)
    Distributed, Embedded and Intelligent Systems (DEIS) emphasizes foundational and logical theories, algorithms and tools for verification and validation, methodologies for real-time and embedded systems, networks and operating systems, probabilistic graphical models, machine learning, and programming technologies.

    Human-Centered Computing (HCC)
    Human-Centered Computing (HCC) emphasizes the design, development, and use of interactive computer systems from a human-centered perspective, including software development, digitalization, human-computer interaction, interaction design, user experience, and Innovation.

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  • Jens Erik Pedersen

    Erhvervsambassadør , Aalborg University
  • Lene Horn

    Fundraiser , Aalborg Universitet
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