• SecuriOT - Securing your Industrial Robots

    The cyber threats agianst industrial robots are here - Is our Robot infrastructure protected ? - Let's have a talk! 

    Our partners Alias Robotics and TXOne Networks (Trend Micro subsidiary)  will join us at booth 84.

    We will talk about the cyber security threats against industrial robots. The facts:
    - The evolvement of effective production flows through digitalization is exploding and industrial robots are an important part of that
    - The number of known and unpatched cyber security vulnerabilities in industrial robots is huge and rising
    - the network connectivity and dataflows from and to production floors are increasing

    So, the question is: Should you protect the robot infrastructure?
    ... and if so, how would you ensure a high level of cyber security?

    SecuriOT and our partners can help you mitigate these threats.
    SecuriOT is a company focusing on being the "trusted Advisor"​ and delivering solutions and service to secure production systems (SCADA/ICS/Robots) against the cyber threats.

    Our approach starts at production environments (OT). It is essential to ensure, that the companies can deliver goods and services to their customers and having the right security level at the same time. Our approach to security is based on the fact, that we have an extensive OT-knowledge, since we are a part of NOVOTEK Group. (www.novotek.com)

    An important foundation for SecuriOT's business approach, is that OT-security is not just fixed with a quick analysis or network component. It is a continuous process to keep security at the right level. It requires a new mindset, greater visibility and an better understanding of the cyber threats against your company. This is where SecuriOT will create value for our customers.

  • Contact person

  • Jørgen Hartig

    Strategic Advisor and CEO
  • Nicholas Gregoire

    Sales Manager
  • Unai Ayucar Carbajo



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