• Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen

    Hello! Nice to meet you!
    Welcome to Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen, the IT and Development Agency of the Danish Ministry of Taxation. 

    Our work has a direct impact on our society
    Each year, our systems collect close to DKK 1,000 billion for financing of the public sector. This work requires significant expertise, as the tax legislation and practices are comprehensive and regulate a vast number of highly complex areas. It requires a robust IT system, legal and financial expertise and the capacity to manage complex processes and data. It is safe to say that our work is complex and very important for the entire society, and to succeed we require (wo)man power from the best in their fields. We can guarentee an interesting journey, challanging assignments, and a broad network and partnerships. And we promise that we are not ‘old and dusty’ as you might think.

    Utilizing Artifical Intelligence in Government... For real (Presentation in English)
    Wondering how AI is used in the Danish tax administration? Then drop by Sankt Hans Torv & Nørrebros Runddel A (in CPH Conference Center) Tuesday, Nov. 30th at 12:30, when our Deputy Director og Data Analysis, Nadeem Gulzar, takes on the stage. We promise you that it will be interesting. Come by for a coffee and a chat
    Come by our booth #32 and lets talk technology, IT-projects, the digital tax administration of the future, job opportunities and much more. We can't wait to meet you. 

    We're hiring! 
    Right now we have more than 30 open positions - take a look here

    FAQ about Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen 

    • Headquater in Frederiksberg, offices in Middelfart and Aalborg
    • 1700 men & women working in everything from;
      • IT development, DevOps & operations
      • Data, Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning & AI
      • Business development, project management, agile work methodes
      • Strategy, finances & HR
      • and much, much more
    • Graduate program within four different fields

  • Contact person

  • Gwen To Tren

    Software Test Automation Engineer
  • Jonas Christensen

    Kontorchef , Udvikslings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen
  • Julie Bengtsson

    HR Consultant
  • Kasper Arp-Hansen

    HR Generalist , Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen
  • Lene Birk Ottesen

    Ressource Manager
  • Mikael Kristiansen

    Head of Office
  • Mikkel Søndergaard

  • Nadeem Gulzar

    Deputy Director of Architecture and Analytics
  • Pia Groth

    Head of Office
  • Rikke Stæhr Nielsen

    Head of Office
  • Tune Bergholt Hammer

    Head of Office
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