IPU develop solutions for your complex technology challenges and put high-tech research to work for your business.
    We build brains into machines (developing autonomous systems - designing, re-designing and retrofitting machines, vehicles and systems into becoming self-operating, self-driving, and self-thinking systems / " robots " supporting operators and specialists).
    We also support the transformation to a more sustainable world through eco-design, and by creating value out of waste when developing technologies for efficiently harvesting, sorting, classifying, recycling and up-cycling waste.
    IPU is originally a spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), still located at the DTU campus and collaborating with leading researchers.
    Our key technology competence areas are
    - Integrated product- and process technology development
    - Advanced automation, robotics and autonomous systems
    - Modelling of physical systems
    - Thermodynamic and energy technology
    - Advanced materials and surface technology

  • Contact person

  • Albert Seligmann

  • Jack Pimbert

    50332855 , IPU
  • Jens Lindrup

  • Jonathan Dyssel Stets

  • Jorrit Wronski

  • Klaus Hansen

  • Klavs Tvenge

  • Lars Henrik Hansen

    Senior Engineer , IPU
  • Søren Merit

    CEO , IPU
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