• Data Respons Solutions A/S & TechPeople A/S

    Data Respons is a technology company delivering R&D engineering services, software and hardware development, smarter embedded and IoT solutions.
    Our more than 1,400 specialists across Nordics and Germany are developing innovative products and services solving complex technology challenges for our customers.

    We have a lifetime perspective on our relationships and work closely with customers – from idea to implementation. Customers are benefitting from our multi-disciplinary engineering competence and industry know-how developed over the last 35+ years. We develop everything from sensor level to the mobile app, making us a good partner for our customer’s digital transition.
    TechPeople & Data Respons Solutions are part of the Data Respons Group

    www.techpeople.dk                        www.datarespons.solutions


  • Contact person

  • Chris Sander

    Marketing Project Manager, Data Respons Solutions
  • Gilad Mizrahi

  • Glenn Kenneth Rybak

    Ressource Manager • Salg
  • Hans Christian Mølstrand

    Key Account Manager, Data Respons Solutions A/S
  • Kim Fahrenholtz

    COO, TechPeople A/S
  • Nina Jensen

    Account Manager, TechPeople A/S
  • Tommy Vanman

    Department Director, TechPeople A/S
  • Trine Ring Ibsen

    Resource Manager • Salg
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