• Ambolt

    Ambolt is a highly specialized Danish company with deep knowledge of the various AI technologies, and development of many successful solutions.
    The use of technology is a must if we are to improve processes in organizations, but systems should not be all-controlling and take over human control. Our philosophy is to deploy artificial intelligence when and where it makes sense, and as a supplement to human intelligence. In short, we believe in Human-centric AI solutions helping people save time and resources.

    Ambolt has added value to business areas as different as:
    Connecting doctors and patients by means of an app where questions to the patient are asked intelligently by an underlying machine-learning algorithm. Thus, a chance for the doctor to reduce time on initial diagnosis and be better prepared.
    Traffic regulation to optimize traffic efficiency especially during rush hour and consequently reduce fuel consumption.
    Analyze and structure qualitative data with NLP (natural language intelligence) to support the process of categorizing a large number of questions used for strategic initiatives in organizations.

    Award for future talents
    We take responsibility for future AI talents, which is why we organize the event “DM in AI for students”, and we are thrilled with the enthusiasm and creativity expressed by the students. The purpose of this competition is to celebrate the AI talents of the future. We furthermore want attention to the fact that we soon will be lacking AI talents in Denmark.

  • Contact person

  • Alina Borrisholt Schmidt

  • Anders Brams

  • Andreas Berre Eriksen

    CEO & Partner
  • Asger Schultz

  • Christoffer Plovmand Simonsen

  • Frederik Christensen

    Customer Success Manager
  • Ida Wetche

    Marketing Manager
  • Jon Andersen

  • Mathias Ruggaard Pedersen

  • Mathias Østergaard Poulsen

  • Miroslav Pakanec

  • Simon Linnebjerg

  • Susanne Schultz

  • Søren Winkel Holm

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