IDA - The Danish Society of Engineers represents the voice of technology – We are a professional organisation and labour union based on knowledge, networks and the interests of 130,000 members.

    Through events, course, netvork, podcasts, newsletters, courses and carreer councelling, we help you to keep updated on the fast moving developments of IT and technology.

    Come by the IDA zone for an unformal talk and a great cup of coffee. You can also challenge your friends for quick and fun technological boxing match with JABII and enter the JABII tournament for a chance to win your own set.

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    IDA also organize two sessions in the official program, at the IDA Stage:

    November 30th at 11.00: Cyber Crime 2021

    We look into cyber crime in 2021: both what threats to be aware of and what happens if your systems gets hacked. Keld Norman from Dubex delivers a scary but highly entertaining introduction to cyber threats 2021. Learn about how hackers find their victims, hear stories about Russian spy’s, Glitching, and EMP. 

    Imagine that your company has been hacked and locked out of its systems – What now? Michael Andersen from EAGLE SHARK gives us a rare view into what happens once your company has been hacked and describe situations where he has negotiated with hackers, including the recent AK-techotel hack and other new cases.  

    December 1st at 11:25: The Green Mobility Revolution (Session in English) 
    We are live from China, where the impact of the rapid technological developments can be felt even here in Europe. Peter Lisbygd, CEO of China Experience, will be focusing on the green mobility revolution in China and have a closer look on the future of electric cars and lithium batteries. Mathias Boyer (General Manager, TuSimple, Europe) will explain how the global logistics industry is about to be disrupted when self-driving cars and trucks are hitting the highways, which will also lead to far less CO2 emissions. 

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    Hverver , IDA
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    Co-founder , JABII
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    Projektleder , IDA Ingeniørforeningen i Danmark
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    Podcast Editor , IDA
  • Henrik Thamdrup

    Chef for Teknolog & Netværk , IDA Ingeniørforeningen i Danmark
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    Salgsleder , IDA
  • Joachim Mindsal Hancke

    Communications Officer , JABII
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    Chefkonsulent - Startups , IDA
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  • Sebastian Dalbjørn

    Videograf , JABII
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    Grafik & Marketing , IDA
  • Tina Splidsboel

    Journalist , IDA
  • Veronika Hjorth Wolin

    Studentermedhhjælper , IDA
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