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    Turn up the volume of your career
    GN is like the world’s oldest start-up; always reinventing technology for a better future and pursuing our ambitions with passion and curiosity.

    GN is everywhere
    GN is a global company with more than 6,500 employees worldwide that produces intelligent hearing, audio and video solutions. Our innovation address real life challenges for people with hearing loss, deliver superior sound for consumers and a seamless collaboration experience for businesses. Our largest brands are ReSound and Jabra – both are distributed worldwide. 

    A career with GN
    Would you like to be part of an industry leading engineering department? We need talented engineers across all engineering disciplines to join our team of 950 strong researchers and developers, who over the past decade have brought GN to the absolute technological forefront of our industry.  

    Groundbreaking innovations
    Software, audio and acoustics are at the heart of what we do.
    At GN Audio, we have created the world’s first active-noise-cancelling microphone, the world’s first Bluetooth® headset and the world’s first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar for video conferencing. At GN Hearing our world’s first legacy include: 2.4 GHz technology in hearing aids for direct connectivity, Binaural Directionality for leading natural sound, the world’s first hearing aid with a microphone and receiver in the ear.

    Engineering Graduate Program
    As a GN Global Graduate, we offer you a two-year program where you will get hands-on experience by working in three different departments, including 8 months abroad.
    Visit our career site to learn more about the GN Graduate Program and meet some of our current and former Graduates.

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  • Contact person

  • Aleksandra Zajaczkowska

    Data Analyst , Jabra
  • Anthea Bott

    Manager R&D Insights & Machine Learning , GN Hearing
  • Birgit Lønstrup Bonde

    Senior Talent Aquisition Specialist
  • Bjørn Klüver

    Manager, App Development
  • Charlotte Sørensen

    Research Scientist
  • Dennis Rønbøg Jensen

    Manager, UX Concepting & Development
  • Gerd Marbjerg

    Research Engineer
  • Haris Rashid

    Data Solution Architect
  • Helena Risager

    Senior Talent Aquisition Specialist
  • Jacob Dybdahl Winther

    Manager, Online Team
  • Jarik Poplavski

    Senior Software Developer
  • Jesper Bünsow Boldt

    Senior Manager, Research
  • Kartikay Golcha

    Engineering Graduate
  • Lars Dybdahl

    Senior Talent Aquisition Specialist
  • Lars From-Hansen

    Infrastructure Architect
  • Mads Bille Eriksen

    UX Designer
  • Marc Balslev

    Technical Business Analyst
  • Mette Brun Hesselvig

    Graduate Program Manager
  • Peter Meno Høgh

    Senior Talent Aquisition Specialist
  • Riccardo Miccini

    Engineering Graduate
  • Stefania Santagati

    Product Quality Manager
  • Tenna Hjermind Hjermind

    GN Audio A/S
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