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    Product development is presently conducted with an increasingly advanced combination of electronics, design of materials and form, as well as embedded software. Not infrequently, the devices are connected and intelligent, and in addition the focus on the environment and sustainability has increased. To date, we have participated in over 8,000 product launches. This entails that we have a high degree of awareness of the field. Even of the pitfalls you may encounter, because there are more of them than you might think. We have the ability to manage the entire chain from idea to design, development, verification and validation, certification, industrialization, manufacturing and then support, maintenance and upgrades. Many problems – and solutions – are so complex that it is not enough to be a specialist in one field alone. It is often a matter of taking an interdisciplinary approach and combining different disciplines. Prevas covers the various disciplines needed to attain a complete product – mechanics, electronics, software and certification. Moreover, a physical product is often combined with a mobile app and perhaps with some form of cloud solution. Besides these fields of expertise, Prevas has facilities, laboratories, frameworks, instruments and working methods that have been developed over several years, which makes our portfolio of services even more competitive.

  • Contact person

  • Christian Ward

    Senior Project Manager , Prevas A/S
  • Dorthe Deleuran

    Account Manager, IoT-Fabrikken
  • Henrik Møller

  • Katja Kafling

    Marketing og kommunikation, IoT-Fabrikken
  • Lars Sørensen

    Sales Manager , Prevas A/S
  • Lasse Irmer

    Sales Director, BifrostConnect
  • Mads Doré Hansen

    Embedded Development Advisor
  • Morten Bramsen

    Business Development Manager, BifrostConnect
  • Peter Aagaard Kristensen

    Vice President Technology
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