We are the leading global provider of analytics for the food and agricultural industries.

    We help producers maximise the value of their production while making the best possible use of valuable natural resources. Value for the customer and value for the environment go hand in hand. For instance, our analytics will measure the level of protein in dairy products, scan meat to determine fat contents and check for unwanted objects such as bone splinters, measure sugar levels in grapes, the moisture in grain, and help decide whether the cow gets the right feed, is healthy, and produces good and nutritious milk.

    Come by our booth (1) and see our technological solutions and why not taste our special FOSS Classic beer?

    Always at the forefront of analytical technology development, FOSS provides a range of analytical solutions from laboratory to at-line and in-line solutions. Across a number of industries, FOSS helps optimise the use of food and agricultural resources around the world. We do so by enabling customers to run intelligent data-driven productions, based on fast, easy-to-use and dedicated analytics. We call it SmartAnalytics.

    We cover these food and agricultural industries: Dairy, Feed and Forage, Grain, Flour Milling & Oilseed Processing, Laboratories, Meat, Raw Milk Testing and Wine. We use many different technologies, such as flow cytometry, FTIR, NIR, Dumas combustion, X-ray, Kjeldahl distillation and Falling Number. Our solutions are implemented and developed with the newest software technologies. FOSS’ solutions provide a wealth of data and therefore contain sophisticated data analysis algorithms. This means we have large teams of skilled data scientists, chemometricians and software developers implementing these methods - maybe you should join us?

    See all our vacant positions here.

  • Contact person

  • Benjamin Rugholm

    Head of External Communications & PR
  • Elizabeth Ulrikkeholm

    R&D Engineer (X-ray specialist)
  • Ellen Krenk

  • Erik Dreier

  • Jakob Engell

    Project Manager in Concept Development
  • Kasper Nyborg Nielsen

    Embedded Software Developer
  • Kim Vejlby Hansen

  • Ole Engstrøm

  • Rasmus Halleby Jensen

    Development Engineer, R&D (Beer specialists)
  • Sophie Silberbrandt

    Data Scientist
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