• Erik P. Ernst

    Freelance Solution Architect, MVP

    Erik’s business career as an office trainee started by becoming the assisting project manager for implementing a new ERP system in 1985. That lead him back to college for a degree within IT before getting his first Navision job in 1990. Hired as a project manager and trainer for Navision, but couldn’t keep his hand out of the code. Started the Navision Online User Group/navision.net (today Dynamics User Group) in 1995, while working in the US. After two years at a Navision partner in New York, he started working as a Navision freelancer. The life as self-employed got set on hold in 2003. He got a chance to work as the ERP solution architect for one of the world’s largest NAV implementations at GN Netcom/Jabra he couldn’t say no to. In 2006 he moved on to another very large NAV implementation at ISS (service and facility management company with more than 500,000 employees), to become their solution manager. Today Erik is again self-employed and work as a freelance solution architect and senior developer. So far a career within IT where he has worked as an CRM trainer, NAV trainer, project manager, consultant, developer and solution architect, besides with sales, marketing, accounting and everything else regarding running a business. In his spare time, besides taking care of his beloved garden, he runs the Dynamics User Group (https://dynamicsuser.net). He especially spends a lot of time in the forums, but also manages to write a good handful of blog posts each year. Erik is one of the first two who got awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for NAV in 2004. The other is Luc Van Dyck, the organizer of NAV TechDays. An award they have received each year since then.

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