• MyDefence System Integration (MDSI)

    MyDefence System Integration (MDSI)
    Utilizing our robust high-end mission computers, we can integrate and connect a wide spectrum of mission systems certified for both civilian and military aircraft and ground vehicles. By integrating and networking ISR capabilities in large geographical areas with AI and operational expertise MDSI provide customized situational awareness support to both civilian and government operations.

    Integrated Remote Sensing for the Arctic (IRSA)
    In collaboration with the other members of the IRSA Development Group (IDG), Andøya Space Center, Boeing, C-Core, Karl Osen, Scott Polar Research Institute, Viasat, and VTT, MDSI is developing IRSA. IRSA is a dual-use System of Systems optimized for remote sensing data acquisition and decision support analytics, communications and augmented navigation for the Arctic. The system of systems platforms integrate satellite, high and medium altitude long-endurance piloted aircraft including optionally piloted vehicles and sea-surface and subsea platforms for remote sensing or communications missions. For more information about IRSA and the IDG, visit idg.network.

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  • Christian Steinø

    Chief Operating Officer , MyDefence System Integration (MDSI)