October 30 2018


Skagen Blade Technology

CleanLM game: Go carbon neutral - save money & drive your business!

How does a company go carbon neutral while saving money and driving the business? What are the components of a carbon neutrality program and the decisions and trade-offs that need to be made to deliver on such an ambitious goal?

You can learn that and more in LM Wind Power’s CleanLM game that challenges you to go carbon neutral in 30 minutes!  In teams, you will be equipped with a deck of carbon emission reduction initiatives, green electricity options and carbon offsets that you need to put to use and eliminate 50,000 tons of CO2e (e stands for equivalent) in the most cost-efficient way. You will be asked to consider other factors too, like how long it would take to implement the initiatives, short term vs. long term effects and the potential brand and employee engagement value. Spoiler alert – there’s no one size fits all! 

LM Wind Power is hosting this game which usually brings lively discussions and high energy into play! The game has been played at several events in Denmark and most recently in Amsterdam. It was also a leading session at a Roundtable event at the Brussels SDG Summit in May focusing on how businesses can contribute to SDG 7 – Clean and affordable energy.


Registration date has been ended, please contact event organizer.