• Lindemann ApS

    Lindemann Marine Products are a 100% Danish owned company with more than 30 years of experience in solving lubrication related problems in the marine sector.
    MPS additive range is developed, produced and distributed by Lindemann Marine Products.
    MPS is designed to stop and prevent oil leakage and water ingress in sub-sea propulsion systems such as stern tubes, bow thrusters, CPPs, stabilizers and rudders.
    In 2020 Lindemann Marine has introduced Ecolabel certified and thus 100% VGP compliant MPS additive, MPS 996 BIO. MPS 996 BIO is specifically designed for the vessels operating in places, where use of Environmentally Accecptable Lubricants (EALs) is mandatory.
    MPS 996 BIO is based on sustainable and readily bio-degradable esters and is thickened by the specially designed for this purpose silica. MPS 996 BIO does not contain PTFE and is approved by Ecolabel.
    MPS 895, 896, 896 Special Mix, 898 are mineral oil based and are thickened by PTFE. These products are compatible with mineral oil and most EALs, but are not certified by Ecolable.

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