• Askalon

    With Askalon as a supplier you have a partner who can handle the whole project. We are able to supply our customers with their needs of control valves, isolation valves, and safety relief valves. We have the experience and resources needed to manage everything from standard valves and spare parts to special valve constructions and complex project deliveries. Askalon is able to supply valves to different industries and applications - from cryogenic to superheated steam, ammonia, power-to-x, and life science.

    We have our own department of engineering with the task of designing and building customized process sections. With the customer´s requirements as starting point, we develop the design proposals in terms of flow, pressure, and temperature. We have the skills and resources to perform the entire design from flow calculations, strength and pressure vessel dimensioning including CAD drawing for manufacturing, welding and assembly.

    Askalon offers the process industry a vigorous cooperation on service and maintenance of valves. Valve diagnostics determines whether the valve should be disassembled to be inspected in one of our workshops, or if it is possible to do the work with the valve remaining in the pipe. Here are great savings to be made, both in time and money.
    Askalon is a part of Momentum Group. We are Emerson Local Business Partner for all Emerson valves in Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland. Askalon is the representative for VAG valves in Denmark and Sweden.

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